Shencare’s Community Partners

New Partners:

Shencare working with community groups through our partners Our work with Birmingham City Council‘s Adult & Communities Department has resulted in the unique ‘Forum on Wheels’ project, where 45 elderly people from sheltered and private housing were taken on a coach to Weston. This consultation proved very productive with service users explaining what they wanted and why they couldn’t get this with existing services.

People from residential homes, nursing homes and extra care sheltered housing now have much more opportunities to travel and these vulnerable adults are able to integrate into society and socialise in a way that would not otherwise be available to them.

West Midlands Police Safe Haven Project, based at Rose Road and Quinton Police Station, has become a partner in the last 12 months with transport operations to Onnerly House for 50 people at a time. This joint working has helped to maintain a safer environment for elderly and vulnerable people making them less dependent on traditional council services.

Our partnership with Midland Mencap continues to prove beneficial to young people with disabilities who we support through on-the-job training and our clients have reported their pleasure in getting help from the Mencap trainees.

Shencare has entered into partnership with KIDS, based in Bartley Green, to provide accessible transport for their children with disabilities. We have increased the wheelchair carrying capacity of our fleet.

We are the transport partner of Birmingham Settlement’s Centre for the Aston Family. As well as providing accessible transport, we also offer an advice service relating to the operation of these specialist vehicles. The beneficiaries of this partnership are young people and their families who come from mostly Asian backgrounds.

Day Centres and Luncheon Clubs: Records show that we have 360 people (not including their carers) registered as users of the service. In the last year these people have benefited from 28,416 journeys.

Partners, stakeholders and beneficiaries of the service play an integral role in the design of the service. Our work with Age Concern at Weoley Castle, Perry Barr and Kingstanding has led to plans to work in partnership so we may jointly offer a bespoke service to the people of North Birmingham.

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